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Dames and Dreams – SYNOPSIS:

The men are pawns and the women only look innocent in this “lost film” by 70s exploitation filmmaker Jacques Decent! Sex and violence abound in this dug-up gem!



Dames and Dreams – REVIEW

Written by VHS

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“Dames and Dreams” is known to be the lost film of sexploitation producer Jacques Descent. This flick was made in 1974 making it the oldest film in the New Village Video rental catalog. The scan is great quality and came from a well-preserved copy of the original color film. The film focuses on a palm reader at a party who is reading the palms of different girls at the event. This always leads to the woman fantasizing about what the palm reader tells them. Making it a sexploitation anthology of sorts.

The styles are great, the 70s hair is in full fashion, and the beds are full of water. If you are a fan of classic sexploitation, you won’t want to miss this one.

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