House on the Edge of the Park SYNOPSIS:

David Hess of THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT infamy stars as a charismatic psychopath who, with his equally unhinged sidekick (Giovanni Lombardo Radice of CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD), turns a get-together of chic New Yorkers into an ordeal of class warfare and sexual violence. Annie Belle (ABSURD), Christian Borromeo (TENEBRAE) and Lorraine De Selle (WILD BEASTS) co-star in this notorious Video Nasty.

House on the Edge of the Park: REVIEW

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“House on the Edge of the Park” is a 1980 horror-thriller film directed by Ruggero Deodato. The movie follows the story of two friends, Alex and Ricky, who decide to crash a party at a luxurious mansion. However, things quickly take a dark turn when they are subjected to sadistic and violent games by the party guests, including the disturbed owner of the house, who forces them to play along. The film explores themes of power, control, and violence, showcasing the brutal consequences of unchecked aggression.

Despite being a low-budget film, “House on the Edge of the Park” has gained a cult following over the years. The movie is known for its tense atmosphere, gritty violence, and disturbing themes, which push the boundaries of traditional horror. The performances by the lead actors, David Hess and Giovanni Lombardo Radice, are particularly noteworthy, as they bring a chilling intensity to their roles. Overall, “House on the Edge of the Park” is not for the faint of heart, but for fans of the genre, it’s a must-watch classic.

SIDE NOTE: This classic video nasty is scanned from the original film negative.

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