The Satanic Panic Collection


Erupting into the 90s, the VHS boom lifted indie film to a new level.  The growing popularity of video rental stores made it possible for a lot of new people to jump into the film game. Todd Sheets (Sorority Babes in the Dance-A-Thon of Death), and David ‘The Rock’ Nelson (Werewolf vs. Dracula), to name a few. It was kind of like YouTube on VHS. There were a ton of tutorial videos, aerobic videos, there were even videos for your dogs and cats.  Some people made money, most didn’t. Like every popular thing something sick showed up. An explosion of Satanic scare porn videos hit the market.  These tapes focused on the danger of satanic cults in The United States.  They’re hilarious until you realize they helped spark the satanic panic. This shit spread across the world.

Below is  my shortlist of what I feel sums the whole thing up.  What do you think? You can find these videos all over the internet (YouTube,, etc) and there are a lot of them. My favorite place to watch this reality is Occult Demon Cassette . Check out “Exposing the Satanic Web” it’s right up there with the rest of these.