Why New Village Video?

We are a passionate team who loves film! We make films, we share films, and most importantly we understand how important it is for indie-filmmakers to make money from their films.

We understand that there are a ton of places to showcase your film and that is why we are a non-exclusive platform. We don’t want to hold your project down, in fact it’s quite the opposite. We want to be a part of your film’s success story.

We offer an above average profit split with filmmakers.

You keep 70% of all the sales of your film.

We are a small business.

There is nothing worse than entrusting your film to a service you can’t even get a hold of. We are not a corporation and therefore you don’t have to worry about call centers or wait times. When you want to talk with someone at New Village Video all you need to do is email us.


Want to get your film on New Village Video?

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