As if going to space and force feeding us bullshit wasn’t enough Amazon has now purchased one of the most iconic names in cinema, MGM. 8.5 billion dollars is what it cost to own the 4,000 films and 17,000 television shows in the MGM catalog. What does this mean for the future of film? Remakes of course.

CEO Jeff Bezos, said in a shareholders meeting: “The real financial value behind this deal is the treasure trove of IP in the deep catalog that we plan to re-imagine and develop together with MGM’s talented team. It’s very exciting and provides so many opportunities for high-quality storytelling,”

High-quality storytelling? I am starting to think that originality is dead. Which could be a sign of a failing industry. When the cinema started to steal sales from the live theater many companies stopped taking risks on new plays and stuck to the classics. Remaking and re-imagining them in hopes of exciting audiences. It’s Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set to a futuristic space backdrop. You get the point.


FUN FACT: AMAZON AVOIDED PAYING $2.3 Billion in taxes for 2020