Dr. Steve Greer is one of the most respected voices in the UFO community. In 2001 Dr. Greer brought together 20 senior military and aerospace whistleblowers at the national press club in Washington, DC. This press conference changed the way the world looks at the subject of UFOs and launched what is now known as “The Disclosure Project”. The projects’ goal is to end UFO secrecy and disclose technologies that Greer and his supporters claim would end poverty, solve climate change, and put an end to the use of fossil fuels overnight.

With disclosure being the name of the project, one would think that the CIA and US Militarys recent disclosure to Congress on the subject of UFOs would be viewed as a monumental victory to the group. The US government has finally admitted to the existence of UFOs only they call them UAPs (Unidentified Arial Phenomenon) they have even put together an official report. The irony here is that “The Disclosure Project” is not satisfied with actual disclosure. In fact, Dr. Greer and his team believe all this evidence is faked and being used to prepare the public for a “false flag” type of event. They even made a documentary called “The Cosmic Hoax” (above) to illustrate their point. So, is Dr. Greer and “The Disclosure Project” right? Are we being led to believe Aliens are a threat by war mongers? Or is it that people like Greer only want disclosure on their terms? Watch the doc, do your own research, and decide for yourself.