The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial has been going on for some time now. You know that of course because you can’t look anywhere without seeing someone’s hot take on the subject, it’s even on New Village Video now. I won’t pretend to know any details because I have only seen the really saucy bits that people share online. You know what I’m talking about, pooping in the bed, cutting off fingers, recording arguments, drunk rants, etc. It is honestly hard for me to watch. In fact, I try my best to look away when it’s on. I don’t like staring at car accidents on the freeway, the same way I don’t like watching two people’s private lives on display like this. We all have personal struggles, people we love that we don’t want to lose, and problems we don’t share with strangers. I feel that in some of the parts I’ve seen, and it draws up this sick feeling in me.

I think if anything this trial serves as a reminder that celebrities are only larger than life on TV. In real life they are just like everyone else. They say stupid $hit when they’re mad, throw fits, and make mistakes that they regret. The difference is, your life won’t end up on display for the millions of weirdos out there who love to watch people die inside. We live in a sick society where people get off on watching things burn. They cause traffic jams just to see a glimpse of the carnage on the other side of the median. I’m not saying that the millions who watch this stuff are bad, just lacking something in their own life. The Amber Heard testimony has over 2 million views and the only real winner there is the Law & Crime Network. There are a lot of people who believe exploitation films are bad while ignoring the exploitation of real people. Look at Reality TV, COPS, Judge Judy, and daytime talk shows just to name a few.

In the end someone will win money, and someone will lose it. I just hope that they make enough to clean up the wreckage left behind by this “cultural event” in our broken society. I know the networks will, in fact I bet they are already searching for the next train-wreck to put on display.