Mask the Kekko Reborn


SPARTA Academy is the nation’s top prep school, but behind closed doors it’s an institution of terror where the headmaster, Satan’s Toenails, has his teachers exact all kinds of punishment and frightening torture of his design upon the students with failing grades. Manga hero Kekko-Kamen appears, in her iconic red mask and boots (and nothing else!), to battle the sadistic teachers and confront the evil headmaster once and for all! Popular actress Aino Kishi takes on the titular role in this chapter of the Kekko Kamen series – Reborn! Based on the popular Manga “Kekko Kamen” by Go Nagai



Written by VHS

Mask the Kekko

“Mask the Kekko Reborn” is a sexploitation film out of Japan based on the manga series “Kekko Kamen”. This live action telling by director Nozomu Kasagi is as grindhouse as it gets and plays like a film from the popular “women in prison” subgenre. It is the story of a school called SPARTA Academy that is ran by a maniac named Satan’s Toenails. Mr. Toenails has a policy in which students who misbehave or fall behind are punished in a sadistic torture room called the “Guidance room”. It is here that the students are subjected to cruel and unusual torture by the staff. That is until Kekko shows up, completely nude other than her mask, boots, and gloves to deliver an ass whooping to the perverted lab coat wearing teacher before freeing the student from her bondage. Can Kekko stop Toenails and his posse of perverted educators, or will she end up in the Guidance room as one of their victims?

I love movies that break norms and “Mask the Kekko Reborn” has done that. A mostly nude superheroine whose weakness is being called “Henti”. Did I mention that it was weird? The idea of being called a pervert sends Kekko into a strange moaning fit and breaks her concentration leaving her vulnerable to attack. The film left me asking “who came up with this?” in the best way possible. If you are into strange films like me then you should give this one a watch. It is worth the 63 minutes, and I guarantee you will share it with your friends.

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