Sister Tempest – Blu-ray

Science Fiction | 122 Minutes | MATURE | $25.00 + Shipping

After facing an Alien tribunal and forced to recount her life, Anne becomes haunted by the memories of her younger sister Karen, who mysteriously went missing, leaving Anne to navigate a series of bizarre events as her life began to fall apart. When she meets a young student named Ginger at an all-girls art school, they form a deep connection, and soon the relationship starts to reflect Anne’s relationship with her missing sister.

Director: Joe Badon. Cast: Kali Russell, Holly Bonney, Linnea Gregg, Aubrey Elise, Nadia Eiler.



  • Introduction to the film
  • Audio Commentary by the filmmakers and cast
  • Deleted Scenes and Bloopers
  • Giallo/Surreal Holiday Trailer Reel