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Sister Tempest – SYNOPSIS:

After facing an Alien tribunal and forced to recount her life, Anne becomes haunted by the memories of her younger sister Karen, who mysteriously went missing, leaving Anne to navigate a series of bizarre events as her life began to fall apart. When she meets a young student named Ginger at an all-girls art school, they form a deep connection, and soon the relationship starts to reflect Anne’s relationship with her missing sister. A sumptuous feast for the senses by way of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Luis Buñuel, and David Lynch.



Sister Tempest- REVIEW

Written by VHS

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“Sister Tempest” is an amazingly executed film by Joe Badon. This mind melting story is a wild ride through time and space. Kali Russell plays Anne Hutchinson who is under an alien tribunal where she is forced to recount her life. Anne’s life is not easy, she has a troubled relationship with her sister who has gone missing, and her new roommate attracts an illness that turns her into a cannibal killer. This flicks striking visuals, great audio, and fantastic production design really put it on a new level. It truly sets a high bar for independent filmmakers.

I don’t really know how to classify this film. It’s labeled as a horror, comedy, musical on IMDB but I would call it a Horror Fantasy. It’s bizarre cast of characters and interesting story structure give me “Zardoz” vibe (which I love). This is a must see for anyone looking for something truly good and different.

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