Ten ‘Til Noon SYNOPSIS:

In ten minutes, everything can change – for these ten people, it will. An innovative real-time crime thriller in which the murderous events of one fateful day, committed between 11:50am and noon, are replayed from different points of view.

Ten ‘Til Noon: REVIEW

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“Ten ‘Til Noon” is a gripping and innovative crime thriller that immerses the audience in a tension-filled real-time narrative. Director Scott Storm’s choice to shoot on Super 16mm film pays off handsomely, giving the film a distinctive and visually captivating look that complements its intricate storytelling. Paul Osborne’s script is a standout, weaving together the perspectives of ten individuals caught up in a series of deadly events in a mere ten minutes. The film’s ability to replay these critical moments from multiple viewpoints adds depth and complexity to the story, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

The acting in “Ten ‘Til Noon” is commendable, with each member of the ensemble cast delivering convincing performances that help bring the diverse characters to life. As the layers of the plot are peeled back, the film keeps you guessing, revealing unexpected connections and motives. Overall, “Ten ‘Til Noon” is a masterfully crafted thriller that combines strong storytelling, stellar cinematography, and a talented cast to deliver an engaging and suspenseful cinematic experience that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

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