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Dark Swamp – SYNOPSIS:

A small fishing village in the remote state of Espirito Santo, Brazil, struggles for survival as the fishing and crabs they rely on for food have seemingly vanished due to all the pollution of their waters. The pollution didn’t just get rid of the fish, but it has also brought the dead back to life.


Dark Swamp – REVIEW

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“Dark Swamp” was the first film by Brazilian horror legend Rodrigo Aragão. I wish my first flick was this bad ass. The practical effects in this movie are so good that I am amazed that it was done on such a small budget. The film was originally titled “Swamp Zombies” which is a very fitting name and I’m not sure why it got changed for the American release. Nevertheless, this is an epic zombie movie that feels nasty as a any good zombie movie should. The small fishing village in Espirito Santo, Brazil is struggling to survive due to pollution in their water that has destroyed the ecosystem that they have relied on for generations. The waste has also started to bring the dead back to life and they are just as hungry as the local residence only they don’t want fish for dinner.

If you like zombie flicks you have to see this one. It is truly one of the best zombie movies I have seen in some time, and I am so glad that we have been given the opportunity to share this film along with Rodrigo Aragão early work.

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