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The Black Forest – SYNOPSIS:

In this mystical horror tale, a young woman uncovers the Lost Book of Cipriano, an ancient tome with power for both wealth… and pure evil.


The Black Forest – REVIEW

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“The Black Forest” (El Bosque Negro) is an amazing horror flick by Rodrigo Aragão. It follows the story of a young woman who after being robbed for all her money finds a trail of gold coins in the creek near her home. She follows the trail to find a dying man who tells her that he is going to hell. The only way he can be saved is if she reads from a book in a circle until the sun comes up. If she does this she can have the entire bag of gold coins. Of course she does it and this leads to a series of unfortunate events in the young woman’s life. I guess reading from the devil book that was given to you by a rich dying scary man in the woods was not the best idea.

The movie itself is amazing, Rodrigo Aragão seriously knows how to make a fantastic fucking flick! The special effects are on point, the acting is amazing, and the story is great. All of this with an amazing backdrop, a ton of violence, and beautifully shot scenes makes this one of my top 10 for the year so far.

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