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Domina Nocturna – SYNOPSIS:

Angelique wanders a dead city haunted by darkness and plagued by hallucinatory visions. She learns about a vampiress and a group of Satanic worshippers trapped in a cycle of dying passion. The film, a tribute to Euro-Horror, is directed by Brazilian filmmaker Larissa Anzoategui and inspired by Lord Byron and Álvares de Azevedo, with a focus on expressionist aesthetics. The cast and crew, consisting entirely of women, bring this haunting and enigmatic tribute to life in Anzoategui’s sophomore film “Astaroth”.


Domina Nocturna – REVIEW

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“Astaroth”, directed by Larissa Anzoategui, is a visually stunning tribute to Euro-Horror that tells the story of Angelique, a woman who wanders a desolate city plagued by darkness and terrifying hallucinations. Through her journey, she discovers a group of Satanic worshippers and a vampiress who are trapped in a never-ending cycle of passion and death. The film is inspired by the works of Lord Byron and Álvares de Azevedo, and the director’s focus on expressionist aesthetics is evident throughout.

The film’s all-female cast and crew bring Anzoategui’s haunting and enigmatic vision to life with exceptional skill. The cinematography is well done, and the lighting is used to great effect, creating a palpable sense of dread that permeates the film. “Astaroth” is a highly creative and visually arresting movie that will appeal to fans of the horror genre, particularly those with an appreciation for the Euro-Horror style. Overall, “Astaroth” is an impressive effort from Anzoategui and a must-see for horror aficionados.

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